Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome, Aliens, New Book

Welcome to my new blog! I've done my best to make it fairly presentable, but forgive me if it isn't particularly visually distinctive.
I have an older blog up at, which runs on a portal technology called DotNetNuke. I thought that it would be "cool" to have my own community with localized membership, customization and the ability to manage and install custom plugins.
As it turns out, nobody joined and my traffic was minimal. Also, I found the formatting to be less than desirable. So, I have decided to "go with the flow" and to use Google's blogging platform. I've heard good things about Wordpress too, but my inspection of this platform proved that it has everything that I need.
I came across an entertaining discussion of how we might relate to extra-terrestrial aliens. It is
here. If you watch the video, it seems like the speaker is having a bit of an existential crisis. I wonder whether he is an atheist, or what his concept of God becomes, if exponentially advanced alien intelligence exists? My view is that such an alien would be indistinguishable from a God to us. I haven't fully considered the spiritual implications of that...
I'm continuing to frame out the story for the next Hemlock book. I have a lot of the outline done already, but a lot of thought/work remains before I'll begin to write. I'm taking my time, and letting the story ideas come to me (rather than trying to force them). This is how I conceived and wrote Hemlock and the Wizard Tower, and I find it to be a very rewarding process (albeit lengthy). I feel close to "God" when I get good story ideas. I've written before about how I almost feel that I channel the story, rather than create it. Maybe I just want to attach an air of romantic mysticism to the process, but despite my concern that it could merely be self-indulgence that leads me to this description, I truly feel that channeling is the best word for my experience of "it".
Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment if you are feeling festive, happy, gracious, magnanimous, or anything in between!

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