Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lot's of snow here in the past few days. Snow is such a complex phenomenon. In many ways, it is a terrible inconvenience. It slows down commerce, gets you cold, throws out your back, makes you wrestle with your snow blower, makes you skid while driving, closes your office, etc. On the other hand, it gives you unexpected family time, it creates an opportunity to see your neighbors (and maybe even to help them), it covers the world in a purifying layer of white, it deadens sound and makes you feel like you are living in one of those little snow globes, etc. I think, like many things, how you feel about snow all depends on your point of view.


  1. So when it's 8am and there's a foot of fresh snow on a thirty foot driveway and I only own a shovel and there's two hours of heavy lifting in my immediate future and a neighbor shows up unbidden with a monster snow blower - that's happiness!

  2. I've been there... But lately I've succumbed to necessity, and purchased a snow blower. My back is a lot happier these days.