Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Short Post - Book Four Manuscript Update

I've reached a pivotal point in writing Hemlock Book Four!  All of the plot lines have come together for a climactic confrontation!  It feels surreal to reach this point in the narrative after all of these years.  It's both gratifying and a little disquieting because I realize there will be a sort of void in my creative life once this series is complete.  Certainly, other projects will emerge to fill that void--and that's very exciting.  But, at the same time, this story has seeped into my veins.  It's become my periodic escape into another world, and there's a lot of lore and thought that's gone into that world.  It will be strange to contemplate starting anew.

But, lest this post become too maudlin, I should realize that I still have a lot of writing to do before Book Four is completed.  I can't afford to get ahead of myself!

I'm sorry I haven't posted a "proper" blog post lately.  I've been very busy, and I've been so excited to write the Hemlock story that I've given the blog short shrift.  I'll try to be better about that in the future!  I hope you enjoy the upcoming summer months if you are in the United States!  If not, then please enjoy whatever season you will be in for the next several months!