Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drifting off course

It seems that the winds of desire are blowing forcefully in my life of late. I am being tempted by all manner of indulgences--mostly in the realm of vintage sports cars or arcade machines, which are my two principal guilty pleasures. But lately I've been seeing these hobbies as burdens in addition to being things that make me happy. Old items break and then they become projects. Projects complicate our lives and distract us from other important writing.
We also develop patterns of behavior in our lives, and these patterns are inertial. For instance, I've been in the habit of buying something really cool for myself every so often. It's been an expensive and self-indulgent habit, and a resonant one. It is resonating in my mind now.
Maybe I'll have to weave this mental struggle into a story. I think it has something to do with mankind's natural ambition to expand. Acquisition = expansion to the primate mind. And I never doubt the primacy of the primate mind.

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