Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Battle of the Final Edit II

Hello, intrepid reader!  I write this post in a haze of disappointment because my plans to continue my work on the fourth Hemlock book have been thwarted at every turn.  It seems that circumstances are conspiring to deny me the combination of uninterrupted time, mental alacrity and motivation that I need to continue my work .  The potentially good news is I think this upcoming weekend may finally present such an opportunity.  But I don't want to over promise given my recent, poor track record.

It's really a shame to have the story basically completed but stalled in "post production".  For various reasons, using a 3rd party to do the final edit is not an option I want to use this time around.  My latest thought is to edit chapter by chapter and then post each successive chapter on this website as they get completed.  If you would like me to take that approach then leave me a message in the comments.

As I've said in prior posts, I'm really pleased with Hemlock Book Four and I've gotten good feedback from beta readers.  I am very anxious to share the final installment with you!