Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time management

Don't you think that time management is a huge part of life? Sometimes you have a lot to do in a day. It's early in the morning, and your tasks seem like a huge wave approaching you. Will you swim with the wave--perhaps surf it? Or will you be swept under by it?

Time management isn't just the scheduling of time and tasks, it's also the prioritization of tasks. I think deciding what is truly important in a day is actually more important than scheduling your time effectively, but both can contribute to or erode away at your level of happiness and contentment.

Of course, in accordance with the saying "All things in moderation--including moderation", it's also important to take some time and just "be". I always try to take some time periodically to live in the moment, and make certain not to plan anything. Sometimes people don't understand this, but I find it to be very important to the maintenance of my sanity. Also remember the line from the "I Ching" that states (as translated by Syd Barret) "action brings good fortune". Unplanned time doesn't necessarily mean idle time, although it can.

Ideas for the next Hemlock book continue to come to me. I think this is a good thing (obviously). As I've discussed before, my process sometimes leaves me feeling a bit out of control in terms of how productive I'll be on the design of the story. The most I can typically do is try to listen to some good music and let my imagination run wild. As long as I'm true to myself and the story, and don't try to impose deadlines on myself or accept mediocre concepts, I seem to do ok. This is related to time management as well, because when I am centered, the ideas seem relatively unfettered.

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