Monday, April 18, 2011

Never Give a Wizard a Glow-Stick

I was like Will Farrell on ecstasy, jamming on a glo-stick at a rave. I realized tonight that I went nuts with the glow effect on my map. So, in a rare exercise in restraint, I've gone back and removed most of the glow.

Initially I was just thrilled that the map didn't look terrible. Now I'm starting to look at it more objectively. It doesn't really look like a hand drawn scroll map, which seems to be the best look that I've seen for fantasy maps. It has a semi-"Legend of Zelda" vibe going on. Maybe not a bad thing, but I've seen better. I may go back to the drawing board and see if I can do something in Campaign Cartographer's vector mode. Trouble is, the out of the box vector "clip art" selection seemed weak to me. And I was hoping to resist going nuts with the add-ons.


  1. I like the map. Maybe get a few designs and have a vote to see what readers prefer.

  2. I have gotten some (offline) feedback that the map still looks too much like a game board. As you suggest, it can't hurt to do some additional designs (OK, it hurts a little because it takes away valuable writing time). Thanks for the feedback!