Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally writing

I've been uneasy for several days now, and I realized tonight that I just had to do some writing. It is not the best time for it (should be asleep now), but I feel an inner peace now that should help me sleep better at least. I got some pretty good stuff down for the new Hemlock story.

It's interesting how I think of myself as being introspective, yet I so typically find myself out of touch with what seems (in retrospect) to be a clear cause and effect situation. Cause: unrealized creative energy, effect: uneasy me, resolution: write, dammit!


  1. What's truly ironic is that following your intuition and finding that sense of peace (even though you should be writing) dovetails perfectly with my post today - "J is for Jump." I can totally relate. :)


  2. Jeffrey, I was going to post this on your blog, but I didn't want it to come across as too dissonant with the comments over there.

    I think that a zen approach is a wonderful lens to view life through, but I think it needs to be balanced with an empirical approach as well. Actions have consequences; and consequences, no matter how we perceive them, have an empirical reality.
    Also, I've found that sometimes accomplishment requires a temporary deviation from a place of peace in order to achieve a more fundamental level of peace.
    Maybe what I'm trying to say is that peace isn't always equal to pleasure or a sense of well being. Sometimes it's an inner knowledge that you are acting on a belief system or a plan, even if the plan may be resulting in actions that are producing some level of (hopefully short term) suffering.
    I make this comment in the spirit of: "Do everything in moderation--including moderation."