Sunday, April 3, 2011

A nemesis develops

A character in the next Hemlock installment that I had seen being a longer term enemy is evolving into a shorter term nemesis. This is partially because I think that the next book (of what is intended to be a trilogy of sequels) needs a strong enemy with a conflict that can be brought to a "resolution" within the first volume. Nobody likes a story with an unsatisfying ending, right?

I did get a flash of inspiration for a plot arc on this path, so I think that I am heading in the right direction. Still, I need to get writing again. Real life has intruded on my writing time over the past few weeks. It's a real bummer, but the creative energy is building up, and (hopefully) when I finally do sit down to write, my fingers will be flying, and lots of good writing will be the end result.

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