Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today I imagined something that was hilarious to exactly one person on the planet. Yes, you guessed it, that one person was me. I was hard at work on a mundane task, and my mind was a thousand light years away from any thoughts of my new novel. But apparently my sub-conscious was still working on it. Because my concentration on my mundane task was suddenly interrupted by one of my characters delivering an imaginary public service TV spot on ... something.
To be honest, I started giggling (internally...I think) before this character even got to the subject of his "spot". This is surely one of those things that only someone who spends a great deal of time rambling around in the dusty corridors of their imagination can appreciate.
And let's be honest, being a semi-professional imagineer is sort of a silly concept unto itself. Silly is defined in a few different ways, but for the purposes of this post, I will cite words like "trifling" and "frivilous". People who dig ditches, build homes, bridges or companies...they are the engines of the relevant, the significant. Imagining heroes running around with swords seems silly by comparison.
But maybe there's more to it than that outward appearance of silliness. Maybe these fantasies aren't trifling and frivilous after all. Not if they entertain us, and refresh us to face our true challenges in life. Not if they inspire us to live our lives like a quest, and to make an effort to excel. Not if they encourage us to dream, and to bridge the gap between the possible and the impossible with energy, passion, creativity, and perseverence.
Tony Robbins, why are you taking over my blog? I seriously need some therapy here.
On a writing note, I have a big block of writing time lined up for this weekend. I'm really excited about it! Have a great weekend!

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