Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Project Management Hat

Last night I wrote some more. The story for the next two Hemlock novels is sort of weighing on me at this point. I feel like I need to complete it in a reasonable time frame. This may mean more frequent writing sessions for me. Currently, I limit my writing to the weekends, or when I get flashes of inspiration. What I did last night was just sit down and write, regardless of mood. This is what I did over the weekend, as well, and the results were pretty good in my (not so objective) opinion.

The only thing that would truly hold me up is a shortage of ideas. I'm realizing that there may be a few areas of the plot that may be a bit thin, so that could introduce some delays. But I feel confident that I will be able to just write for at least another 10-20K words. Hopefully by then I will have fleshed out the upcoming sections enough to keep cruising.

I've read that bloggers should avoid posts where they just talk about writing. So I may have reached the pinnacle of blogger boredom with this post. I hope not... Actually, this is probably more of a project management topic than a pure writing topic. And we all know how exciting project management is as a topic for blog posts. Heck, People magazine is even starting up a new offshoot mag called "Project Managers". See? I can be trendy too. {Wink}

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