Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Remain Happy One Must Always Change

The fortune inside the cookie read: "To Remain Happy One Must Always Change". I slipped it into my wallet, feeling that this was a piece of wisdom that I should carry with me always.

I was listening to a radio feature on nostalgia this week. Apparently nostalgia used to be considered more than a benign remembrance of the past. It used to be a medical condition associated with a longing for the past with an accompanying melancholy.

For the past fifteen years or so I've been interested in collecting old arcade games. I have filled my basement with these relics of past gaming glory. Many of them are now showing their age and in need of repairs. And for the first time I find myself uninterested in playing them.

Now I've gone through periods of disinterest before, but this has been several months in the making--the longest period yet. I have to consider that, perhaps, this hobby has passed me by. Part of me is sad at the idea of the passing, but another part of me feels that the time is right.

I'm going to wait for a few more months before I make any decisions about selling arcade cabinets. There are a few cabinets that I would keep, but I would sell many of them, I think. I don't want to have regrets down the road. But I guess that life doesn't offer guarantees about not having regrets, does it?

In other news, I leave for vacation this weekend, so I'll probably be scarce on the internet. I get paranoid about hotel wi-fi and its security weaknesses. But it will be a great opportunity to think about the new novel and write down some scene fragments.

Have a great week!


  1. Have fun on your vacation! Hope the writing goes well.

  2. Thanks, Scott. I'm certain that there will be some good imagining and writing happening during the trip. Have a good week!