Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to the Future / On to the Past

Now that I'm done with the flashback in chapter three, I need to go back to the of the story. I need to go back to Chapter Two and write quite a bit of it. The scenes are all mapped out in my head, so once I sit down and start writing it, it should go pretty quickly.

I've also been adding some chrome to the flashback chapter three. Chrome (in writing parlance) means specially crafted language or description. I am bending the meaning a bit here to include making a scene more fantastic and cinematic.

Once work on chapter four starts, I'll be into the real "meat" of the story line for this new novel. I'm looking forward to that (and it shouldn't be far off). I have pre-planned some aspects of the journey that will be happening in this part of the book, but I am hoping for some good off-the-cuff organic growth to emerge here as well.

...And on to the Past! I've also had an idea for the next flashback sequence. I'm really charged up to write this one--almost as much as I was to do the first flashback that I recently completed the draft of. I wonder if I'm going to write this one in another 5000 word marathon session like I did the last one... I hope not, for my endurance's sake.

I've always told myself that I wouldn't self-impose any dragonian writing deadlines on myself. (This just in from the Crypto Doggerel Department: "Hey, was that a pink floydian slip in that last sentence? What is the significance of it, I wonder?")

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