Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A New Review / Thoughts on Falignus

I want to thank Jeffrey Poole, author of Bakkian Chronicles for reading and reviewing Hemlock and the Wizard Tower! You can read his review here. A few sites where I've applied to have Hemlock and the Wizard Tower featured tell me that I need at least five reviews before they will consider featuring it. So getting #4 is a big, big deal for me. Thank you again, Jeffrey.

This new review is the second one that mentions some uncertaintly about the character Falignus. From a pool of four formal reviews and a couple more informal ones, one mention of a problem can be explained as a possible outlier or matter of taste; but two mentions starts to sound like a trend. We're going to learn more about Falignus in the next novel, and hopefully this will help to explain away any ambiguity that there may be in the first novel relative to what his nature and motivations are.

I will say a few things though (in a spoiler-free way). The guy has a temper. Some of his more chaotic actions are a direct result of that. In fact, he is chided by Gwineval in one scene about this very characteristic. He is clearly ambitious, but he is also a skilled administrator and politician. He is trying to forge his own destiny, but he's been set upon a path by his background, and there's a lot of inertia in play there. That's all I can say without introducing spoilers. I'd be happy to continue a spoiler enhanced discussion of this on a new page, if anyone is interested.

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