Sunday, June 19, 2011

Further Plot Developments

I got a really cool idea tonight. And this idea gave me a new perspective on my creative process. In addition, I learned that the storyline for novel two--and actually for the entire series-- is still under construction. I didn't think this was true just a few days ago. But, to use a tired metaphor, layers of plot keep peeling back to reveal a more intricate back story.

I had one solid idea leading into the weekend, but I still had this feeling of uneasiness about the story. It felt like a restless energy in the back of my mind, which wouldn't release me until I'd mined an unformed concept out of my subconscious. Or, you could look at in from the opposite perspective wherein I was consciously asking my subconscious to produce a cool idea. And I was thinking about it all weekend ("OK, subconscious, I'm listening. Feel free to chime in with your great idea whenever you are ready...").

I can't really say whether the unformed idea caused my mildly obsessive yearning for it, or whether my yearning for it caused the formation of the idea. Maybe there's a duality to it like some wacked out quantum physics experiment where the act of perceiving a particle causes it to have a well-defined location. Maybe the yearning for the idea and the idea came into existence simultaneously and I had to bridge the gap? Oh well, almost time for Game of Thrones. Enough of this babbling for now.

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