Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writing and some real progress

Today I started writing. I've found that Hemlock is finding her voice again. It feels funny coming back to a story that I haven't been writing for over a year. There is some dust and rust there in terms of getting into character. I have been thinking about the characters and the plot quite a bit over that intervening time. But it's a different feeling to start writing directly from their POV again. It's good fun.

Now that I've started, I'm getting excited to get to some of the exciting experiences that these characters will have. Plot elements are already starting to creep in that I hadn't planned on. My much described no-outline (but still sort of outline) process seems to be working.

I think I'll amend my description of my process as follows. I am using an organically grown plot outline this time around. I just couldn't write off-the-cuff with a sequel, since there are so many character arcs and plot points to consider. So I outlined off-the-cuff over a period of 6 months or so. And now I am writing around that outline, but also exploring some little unplanned subplots along the way.

I've also designed the overarching plotline for this next series of Hemlock books. I think there will be at least three volumes of novella to short novel length. We'll see what happens.

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