Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More on The Gene Priests

I've been thinking about what to include with my upcoming short called The Gene Priests. Sometimes I feel like my prior short, Economicon, might be disappointing for some since it is just a single short. I wonder if people want more length when they take the trouble to download something to their reader?
In that spirit, I have been looking for ways to add more content to TGP. An obvious thing to do is to include a snippet of my novel, Hemlock and the Wizard Tower. But I'd like to include some other content as well. I had considered also including Economicon; but for those that have already read Economicon, that might actually be an annoyance.
What I think I'm settling on is pulling out an old, untitled fantasy manuscript that I wrote some years back, and including that. It's a coming of age tale about a young man of royal lineage sent on his first solo diplomatic mission. The only trouble is that the story doesn't have an ending. But I think I can address that, and turn it into a little novella.
I think that this would make for a nice free ebook.

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