Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have made the statement from time to time that I do not outline my books prior to writing them. I was thinking about this statement today, and I think that I need to clarify it a bit.

I did not outline for Hemlock and the Wizard Tower at all. I believe that this was easier to do because it was an original story - i.e.: not a sequel.

What I am finding as I work on the next book is that I am having to plan out the plot a bit more. What I am doing is taking some existing context from the first book and building from there. What I am not doing is creating a story arc and then filling in the details around it. I am still letting the story unfold organically. The difference is that now I have several well defined points of origin for the story. And this requires some notes and planning to orchestrate.

I still feel that this is not an outline in the tradional sense. It's still like micro brewing versus mass production, if you'll indulge my beer simile. I'm very devoted to the "micro" process...

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