Friday, February 18, 2011

New cover preview

I got to see a preview of the forthcoming revised cover for Hemlock and the Wizard Tower. It is coming along fantastically (no pun intended)! It's really a privilege to get to see something that you've imagined get rendered into an image by a talented artist.

I'm probably on a "cover high" right now, but I am feeling that in some ways this image will be critical to the enjoyment of the story for many readers. The cover image serves as an initial and recurring window into the fantasy world. As was said so aptly by a poster on the forums (and I am paraphrasing): the cover image instantly connects you to the context of that fantasy world. It serves as a sort of reference point.

Perhaps that's one downside of an ebook. If I am reading a physical book, I get to look at that cover every time I pickup the book and start to read again. When I pickup my kindle, I never see the cover except when I first start the book (and even then I have to go back to it under the default settings). I'll have to check and see whether I can change any of these kindle behaviors related to viewing covers. Because as of now, I am madly in love with cool covers!

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