Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tapping the Brakes

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As some of you who read this blog may know, I typically write as part of a semi-daily routine.  I've reached a point in the Hemlock IV manuscript where I'm writing a climactic battle sequence.  At the same time, my non-writing life has been very hectic.  During the last writing session I had, the details of the battle were bursting out of my brain like a fire hose gone out of control!  I didn't want to stop writing, but I knew I was taking on a sort of manic demeanor that wouldn't bode well for my overall well being. The net result is I've been feeling very stressed writing this battle sequence and I actually had to take a break for a few days!  It may sound silly, but I feel it's had a noticeably positive impact on my stress level.  But I will certainly get back to writing this exciting sequence as soon as possible, because I miss it!

This manic writing phenomenon also happened to me while writing Hemlock II.  It seems I can get obsessive about writing sometimes.  So, while  I've had to put the brakes on just a bit, the good news is the end of the story is coming into sight.  I think that's good news, anyway.  Bittersweet also, perhaps, but good for the production of this novel.

On a personal note, I'm reading a very interesting book about the relationship between Art and Religion called The Re-Enchantment of the World: Art vs. Religion .  It's made several points so far that have resonated with me and require additional contemplation.  One is that my personal fascination with mythology and fiction could be related to a disenchantment with the dogma of religion.  Another is that people relate strongly to stories because a fundamental way we all view our lives is as narratives.  The book goes on to state that we all want to "be somebody" and have a heroic narrative.  And because we think in terms of narratives it's easy for us to identify with narratives written as stories.  My initial reaction is I think these ideas make a lot of sense, but I haven't had time to fully digest them, yet.

Will this book influence the final chapters of Hemlock Book IV?  I would say yes.  At the very least they may help to guide my hand on the rudder of the story.  I have to think about Hemlock's narrative, and also the narratives of all the other characters in the novel.  I will have to ask myself whether these narratives are all coherent and brought to a satisfying and logical conclusion. Will there be other influences from this book?  I can't say yet.  I haven't even completed it yet.

Thanks for reading my update!  I hope you are doing well.

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