Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Musings from the Drive Home

Here's an experimental post. I was listening to The Doors on the way home, and thinking about many concepts in a blissful state of mind. I wanted to write something about it, and this is what came out. It's playfully incoherent, and hopefully a bit poetic. It was fun to write, in any case.

The inversion of identity injection is self-rejection. We all have intrinsic qualities that asymptotically approach perfection. Streets wind lazily in an attempt to obfuscate the non-linear. We all stop-and-go, bouyed by whatever magic we find. In the forest of ideas the Satyr gestures provocatively. He's there in the shadows, and then gone. If I imagine purple, can I craft any words that can make a reader dream my dream? When should the writing be invisible? Visible? Can I write between the words?

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